Corporate Wellness

Could your entire company benefit by strengthening you, your employees, and associates with prevention-based nutrition and fitness programs? You can now increase productivity and energy of your workforce and reduce your company’s health care costs while improving your bottom-line profit. The Corporate Wellness Revolution is sweeping across America and witnessing the positive changes that result from investing in your health and the health of your employees.

Fortis Corporate Wellness

Fortis Corporate Wellness Denver ColoradoErin Foushee, NTP is the owner and founder of Fortis Wellness and she developed the Fortis Corporate Wellness Program to revitalize and strengthen corporate America from the inside out. The health of the American workforce continues to decline due to increasing rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, and general fatigue. The result of this decline is increased absenteeism, productivity, and elevated health care costs – which translates to one thing: Less Profit.

Erin is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, personal trainer, lead instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association in the Washington, DC area, and she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

  • Bert Middleton, NTC is authorized to deliver the Fortis Corporate Wellness Program.

If you own, control, or manage a Denver, Colorado or Colorado Front Range business and would like to learn more about how improving the diet, nutrition, and lifestyle of you and your employees can boost moral, productivity, attendance and bottom-line profit, please contact me.