“Water IS . . .

. . . the Most Common Nutritional Deficiency in the American Population.”

And therefore, water is the starting point for correcting all nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. It is estimated that 75 to 80% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated. When a regimen of consistent water intake is followed, many health conditions improve or disappear.

Hydration | Filtration | Ionization

As an individual puts the habit of proper Hydration in place, then comes a natural concern for what is in the water that they are drinking – more specifically what should not be in the water they are drinking. That leads into the investigation of water filtration.

Water Filtration is a multi-billion dollar industry and is fraught with misconceptions. However this does not negate the need to pursue the most high quality water available for consumption. There are several different types of filtration medias that take care of many different types of contaminants and toxic substances that are found in different water supplies.

Beyond the obvious need for removing contaminants and toxins from drinking water, there is more that can be done with municipal water sources to make it more valuable and more well used by the bodies of humans and animals. Ionization of water has the capability of transforming ordinary tap water into an ionic state making it more alkaline, more absorb-able, and very strong in antioxidant properties.

Bert Middleton is a national distributor of a very affordable filtration and ionization system produced by the Australian company AlkaWay and it is called the UltraStream.